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Prize draw winner - project 13719 Nationwide Online Survey

The winner of the £100 prize in our recent online survey was Garrett Quinn,  Plumstead, London SE18.

Congratulations Garrett!




Join our Nationwide Paid Car Panel

We are looking for owners of Audi or VW cars to join our panel, where you will be sent a questionnaire at intervals during the year and will receive £5 for each questionnaire you return to us in the prepaid envelope supplied. Almost every Audi or VW car, whether new or 2nd hand, or whatever age, is eligible for this research.

The questionnaire is quick and easy to complete and is about servicing and maintenance of your car. It's purpose is to enable our clients to build a reliability profile of each vehicle on the panel, so your input is much appreciated. There are at least 2 questionnaires a year, but there might also be other intervening questionnaires, and you will receive £5 for each questionnaire completed and returned to us. Also, all active panel members will be included in prize draws for £100 held at intervals during the year. 

This project is now closed for this round.


New Consumer Directory

In this section we inform you of current events to do with the Consumer Directory, such as recent prize draw winners, and any upcoming changes to how the Consumer Directory operates.

For instance, we are now in the process of switching to the new look Consumer Directory. You will still be getting some emails from the older version until it is completely wound down, but you will see a gradual increase in emails from the new system, until very soon all your emails will be in the new format.

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