Information Centre

At Indiefield we want to give you as much information as possible about market research and what it means to sign up to The Consumer Directory.

Since we first set up shop in 1998, market research companies have been coming to us for a glimpse into the brains of the man or woman in the street. And we've been helping those companies to plan, organise and collect the data that they need.

Put simply we interview real people like you to get their honest opinions for our clients. And we also recruit the right kind of people for their group discussions.

We use the latest methods, technologies and techniques - underpinned by our own fieldwork insights.

We're always trying out new ideas to make our fieldwork more effective. And our fresh approach means we're better at reaching the most hard-to-reach samples. That's why many of the leading market research agencies turn to us, both at home and abroad.

We believe that good fieldwork is a bit like good dress sense. What worked a few years ago just doesn't cut it anymore. Times change, people change.

At Indiefield we're all too aware that our culture has changed faster than shoulder pads came and (thankfully!) went. From the internet to television, we're bombarded by media and advertising at every turn.

And we're all more protective of our privacy too. We've grown weary of sharing personal details and exposing ourselves to unsolicited junk. We're choosing virtual communities over face-to-face communication.

When it comes to taking part in market research money isn't always the biggest motivator. Most of the time we just want to know that our opinion really counts. We want to feel valued and to be respected.

So whether you sign up with The Consumer Directory or not the one thing we will promise you is that Indiefield will treat everyone we get involved with as the human beings they are - our staff, our clients, our recruiters and interviewers, the people we survey. Everyone.